I have a 20-year personal yoga practice and have traveled far and wide taking classes/workshops with some of the biggest names in the industry, Nicole Jones is -by far- my favorite!! Taking class and going on retreats with her for over five years have been nothing short of INSPIRATIONAL on so many levels! So much so, that I will literally rearranged my whole schedule just to attend whatever she’s offering!

Nicole is truly a MASTER of her craft! A beautiful and engaging voice, excellent taste in music, flawless execution and a great sense of humour make every class a delicious experience. There’s an amazing vibe and group dynamic that allows the novice and seasoned yogi alike, to enjoy, to explore, to dare, to reach their current potential... you come out of her classes feeling balanced, strong, flexible and sooo satisfied!

Every class is tried and tested for accessibility in her own daily practice, setting the groundwork for Nicole to deliver original, layered sequences that combine playful, dynamic flowing movement with slow, controlled strength and containment. With clear and intuitive guidance, she invites you to find your own rhythm within each asana. Creative sequencing that builds breath and momentum to achieve postures, Nicole sparks a desire to elevate; to deepen your practice and lean into your personal edge, to trust your own process and timing...until what once seemed impossible becomes possible in your body, mind and spirit; carrying the achievements beyond the mat and into every aspect of life!

Retreats and specialty classes are where Nicole uses YOGA as a tool to positively IMPACT others and help to mold their personal development. She chooses a perfect location, partners with incredible talent, dedicates her time to connection, growth, shift and transformation... answering questions, offering encouragement, holding space to ensure that each participant “fills their cup” and embarks on a journey to self-love!

Their impact on me has left me feeling grounded in who I am, accomplished in my practice and absolutely exhilarated!

Nicole is solid. This is a person who knows yoga in her body and soul; she feels, lives and breathes it’s many limbs with a PASSION beyond...Always with an air of humility and gratitude, she walks into a full room -excited to teach and to share- and just slays it, every time, with something new and wonderful gained on her travels, amassed through experience, or incorporated from advanced teacher-trainings!!

Nicole is also what they call a “teacher’s teacher”, attested by the number of us that flood into her classes and take away so much to work with. She has been one of my greatest mentors on my own journey to becoming a yoga teacher and I, personally, will seek out her incredible ENERGY and INFLUENCE for years to come!!

-Mariana Della Valle
Dedicated yogi, mother, lover, traveller, spiritual seeker, forever student & Moksha teacher-in-training


"Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity."
-Pema Chodron

As a person who has understood and owned what it means to suffer, Nicole has a profound capacity to allow others to explore their own shadows so that they may access what lays beyond them. 

Her passion for movement has shown me what my body is capable of; how hard it works for me daily. Practicing with her has transformed my relationship to my body, and has given me a desire to treat it with respect and kindness and gratitude. She has a gift for making you feel safe enough to explore your limits and your beliefs about yourself and the world - to look straight into all the things about yourself that you believe are bad or not good enough, and to see the lies for yourself. This is where the work, and also the magic, begins. 

Thank you for sharing your heart with so many, Nicole. Our world needs more of you.



Nicole’s spirit and vibrancy is infectious. When you practice with her, you can feel her energy run through you. It lifts you, it inspires you, it transforms you. Class after class, she delivers excellent sequences that challenge you both mentally and physically, leaving you feeling accomplished. Her solo practice is beautiful to watch and I love learning from her and growing my own practice. Her caring ways extend well beyond her classes. She’s an exceptional woman through and through. 



One year older, but 5 years younger.

At one point in my 50’s, I realized that I was broken. I could not go up more than one flight of stairs without pain and shortness of breath. I could not stand even briefly on one foot without losing my balance and falling, I walked at half my previous speed and had pain in my back, leg and joints. I no longer slept well and everything irritated or overwhelmed me. After a year of this my daughter finally convinced me to see her yoga teacher from Dawson. It’s not yoga like you think, mom, it’s restorative, to restore what you had and now have lost. She brought me to Nicole Jones and waited outside while I had my private class.
I have never looked back. I have followed Nicole to retreats, to wanderlust and through regular private classes. She has the gift of knowing exactly what every individual body and mind requires. I have regained strength, flexibility and balance. I am more able to deal with stress and adversity, and I continue to move forward under her guidance. Nicole organized a retreat for myself and my co-workers that was an amazing success. Some of the people had never taken a yoga class before, but had a wonderful and restorative time. We will be going again this December. Nicole is a wonderful teacher and human being. I am blessed to know her, and thank my daughter every day for bringing her into my life.

-Jeanne Teitelbaum


Nicole uses yoga to authentically share her story and motivates others to do the same. She receives such joy out of watching her clients transform their lives through movement and connection. She is gentle and patient and supportive of those who let her be a healer.
She teaches with an open heart and mind and holds the space in the room to create a sense of safety.
Her classes are very challenging and energetic.
She teaches with passion and love and lives her life in the same way.
To know Nicole is to love her. Her awareness of herself is a gift to this world and she uses that awareness to give others what they need.
She is a very special yoga teacher and her yoga retreats reflect her magic.

-Jaclyn Mestel


Nicole Jones is one of the most genuine people this world has. Not only does she guide amazing classes but offers the most magical mind and heart opening Retreats.
I have been most fortunate to accompany Nicole on all of her Sutton retreats and all I can say is WOW.
There is so much magic in ourselves and Nicole has a beautiful way of making us see and feel it. I have had the privilege of knowing Nicole for the past 15 years, and with every year her practice of self love and self care becomes more and more infectious to us all.
Nicole Jones is someone I look to for guidance in my own spiritual growth and will follow her throughout my own journey.

-Shaunna Chagnon
Mother of three
Aspiring Yogi
Nature loving woman on my own journey of self Love.


I’ve had the opportunity to take group private yoga classes with Nicole for many months now. Not only has my personal yoga practice improved but my overall confidence and spirit has too.

Nicole is truly talented, the way she leads her class is inspiring. She makes each position look effortless and encourages you to achieve the same in a non judgmental fashion. Watching her flow through various postures is incredibly helpful, especially if you are a visual learner like myself! Not only is she a wonderful leader throughout her classes but she takes the time to practice with you making it feel a whole lot less intimidating.

I highly recommend treating yourself
to some yoga with Nicole ️



If I am ever asked who my favourite yoga teacher is, the answer is always Nicole. Not because she is knowledgable about the Moksha series (that would be an understatement), not because of her constant energy and drive to push her students to what she knows they are capable of (she does at every opportunity) and not because of her unreal taste in music (that helps). All because she makes us better for having been. Both the mind and body benefit because Nicole’s love of the yoga practice translates to everyone in the room and I feel so grateful that I am able to benefit from her guidance.

-Stefanie Ozbalt


After a two-year long yoga hiatus, I took a semi private class with Nicole, and I quickly re-discovered my love for yoga. The smooth flow of Nicole’s class and her ability to make difficult poses look effortless was a strong motivator to get back into my practice. Nicole’s yoga classes became a favourite part of my regular routine; they’re consistently fun, challenging and unique and I always leave feeling both stronger and refreshed. With Nicole’s guidance, I greatly improved my flexibility and I performed poses that I never thought I would be able to (I was upside down!). I always look forward to my next class with her, whether it be yoga in the park, live DJ/music flows, or a power.
After attending Nicole’s Sutton Yoga Retreat, I had the chance to refine some yoga poses and to meditate for the first time, a practice I now incorporate into my every day life. I continue to feel the benefits of this retreat, particularly in my ability to better cope with anxiety. I am extremely grateful for Nicole and everything she continues to teach me.

-Nicole Reid-Workman


There are few teachers that instruct you on how to practice and flow. Nicole challenges you, while knowing your limits and capabilities. Every class is unique, never repeating the same sequence making it hard to get bored over the repetition. She has a sincere, calming affect & I know that I wouldn’t have the passion for yoga that I have today if it weren’t for our weekly private group sessions that we started back in the beginning of 2018.
Thank you for being you & showing us how to commit to one hour a week to step into our mats and take a little time to reset.



We started our weekly sessions as a group of working women looking for one hour of time to practice yoga. What we received was so much more. Working with Nicole has truly been the best experience. Nicole tailors each class to exactly what we want and need. She challenges us in a positive and relaxed environment. Nicole's powerful approach and love for yoga is demonstrated in every practice we do. Thank you for passing along your wisdom and passion to us every week. Thank you for being such an inspiration. 



If you're the type of person that often loses themselves to the daily stressors and anxieties of life,  Nicole is the teacher for you. She has a way of allowing you to opening up, look within and reflect on what's going on inside. She challenges you to face it head on, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and then just let it all go. I always leave her classes smiling, with a sense of lightness like this huge weight has been lifted off my chest. It feels SO FRIGGEN GOOD to take that newfound energy into my everyday life where I feel more connected and rooted to my true self and purpose. I just do better you know? Her classes allow me to recognize what truly fulfills me as person and leaves me with a sense of self love and optimism.

Oh ya and her music on point



My friends and I have weekly private classes with Nicole and they are a perfect mixture of motivating, inspiring and fun. she creates an atmosphere where you are able to ground yourself through movement and carve out a time in your day focused on you. Her classes are challenging and you leave with a sense of accomplishment that can’t be beat. Oh and I have I mentioned the incredible playlists?


OM 2.png

I have attended two of Nicole’s retreats. She is inspiring and touches all who are privileged enough to cross her path. Her authenticity shines in all that she says and does. She is extremely grounded. You feel invigorated, refuelled, recharged after her retreat.



Nicole is an awesome soul.
She has this positive energy that transpires in every class.
Practicing with Nicole is an absolute joy..
Her classes usually come with high intensity and hard work.  I always have a certain satisfaction when I am able to accomplish certain her her crazy new moves .

This summer I added some private sessions with Nic....crazy!!!!!  I got so much stronger and am now able to see a difference in my every day practice. What is amazing about Nicole is that she gets excited about my improvements. I honestly think that she is motivated by the progress in others.  

In May I attended my 1st retreat with Nicole. Retreat was built to her image, full of positive energy and love..

Thank you Nicole 

I appreciate all the support.



Nicole’s classes are my favourite... always. She has a gift for delivering challenging and creative classes which provide a great workout with spiritual calm. How she is able wrap all that together is one of life’s mysteries!

Nicole is a compassionate and dedicated teacher. I’ve been recovering from a head injury and she has modified classes for me while maintaining great flow for the rest of the group. My classes have been rewarding and fun and have even helped recovery. She is empathetic and reads the energy of the room to provide exactly what you need, even when you don’t know what you need!



This is my second retreat with Nic Jones aka Miss Jones to me.
I could write pages but will sum it up by saying that her retreats are well planned, powerful and comfortable. Lots of yumminess .

-Carole Beluse 

OM 2.png

Nicole’s retreat was truly a life changing experience. I was able to express & release a serious accumulation of pain. I feel like a total new person. My temper no longer goes from 0 to 100 in seconds. My heart is lighter. This retreat was the best graduation gift to myself.

Thank you so much Nicole.

-Jenny Paul 


Thank you for the beautiful time and space dedicated to self healing, gratitude for our bodies, wellness and joy. These retreats realign ourselves with our thoughts and values and give us the rest we need to head back into our daily lives. I admire you. You have inspired me and changed my life in the short period of time we have known each other. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul and for organizing a space where women can come together and empower each other. A truly amazing experience of self discovery.

-Jasmine Sauve Zarboni