Nicole Jones

Private Training


Move with me


Whether you’re new to yoga, craving that deeper connection with your inner self, or looking for unique experience with your friends, there’s a practice out there for you.

Let me help you tap into what your body and mind are craving the most with my individualized sessions.

Let’s discover the perfect practice for you.


One on One


Many students find that yoga becomes a way to dive deeper and a gateway to self-discovery, while others enjoy focusing more on a physical practice to enhance their mind-body connection. Whatever your intention may be, I can design a private yoga experience to suit your needs.

These private classes are designed for those looking to:
Advance their practice
Strengthen their core
Work on their alignment
Discover their limits
Refine their postures
Push their power/strength



Group Sessions


Connect with the people in your life through the practice of yoga.

Allow me to create an unforgettable experience at your next:
Birthday party
Social gathering
Work party
Corporate lunchtime break
Athletes, team training



Design Your
Own Retreat


Custom create your own yoga experience!
Ideal for those looking for a multi or one day experience  in a unique location of their choice.
Perfect for a getaway weekend of self care.

You tell me what you need, I create

Price dependant on experience details