Lean In

Au Tournant du Coeur
October 4th-6th 2019


Unlock your inner potential  

As humans we tend to lean into comfort and what feels good, shying away from the uncomfortable sensations. When we lean into our edges, these areas of discomfort, we give ourselves the opportunity to discover our power, strengths, abilities, and limits.

These edges, shadows and hidden areas are where the magic is, where we find the little gifts that allow us to expand, grow, unravel and ultimately shift and change.

If we limit ourselves to what is comfortable, we risk getting stuck and missing out on our true magnitude and all the yumminess that discomfort brings us. 

Join me for an entire weekend filled with opportunities to LEAN IN to all of your edges.

 * All practices are open to all levels from beginners to more advanced yogis.


What To Expect


Morning Meditation
Vipassana inspired meditations designed to tune into breath and body sensations. Meditation gives you the chance to create space in between your thoughts. It is common to have a busy mind so giving yourself moments to slow down will have transformative effects in your daily life.


Powerful Morning Vinyasa Practices
The morning classes will be designed to get you rooted and grounded in yourself. They will help you get solid in your foundation while leaning into your ALL of your edges.

Yin and Tonic Evening Classes
with massage therapist Shaunna Chagnon.

Both practices will help you improve flexibility, deeply relax the body, still the mind and balance the nervous system. The classes will also help develop compassion and understanding toward others and self.

Lean In Workshop with Andre Gear

Special Guests


Shaunna Chagnon

Registered Masso-kinesitherapist since 2002
Certified Lymphatic therapist since 2010
Currently works at Quanta wellness Center for 7 + yrs

Devoted mother of three busy boys

Accomplished triathlete, aspiring yogi, dedicated healthy eater.


Andre Gear

Andre Gear is a movement enthusiast, a yoga instructor, a Brazilian jiu jitsu brown belt and a certified strength and conditioning coach. With a degree in exercise physiology, Andre has always pursued the connection between the mind and body. An avid student of multiple martial arts and movement disciplines, Andre incorporates and blends styles in his teachings creating life transformations by coaching his clients to integrate movement and wellness into their everyday lives.

Andre is also a physical educator at Dawson College. He shares his passion with his students and motivates them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. His love for movement is apparent in all aspects of his life, currently he is often found upside down practicing handstands or rolling on the jiu jitsu mats.



What's Included

Morning meditation

5 yoga classes/workshops

6 vegetarian meals

2 nights lodging


What To Bring

Yoga mat and props (if you have)

Warm bedding (sleeping bag, sheets, pillow, warm blankets)

Shower towel and toiletries

Water bottle

Yoga clothing and comfortable clothes

Indoor shoes (slippers)

Walking shoes



405$ for a double occupancy in main building

Single room in main building

425$ Single cabin


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This retreat is fully booked, but I encourage you to have a look at any of my other retreats.


Au Tournant du Coeur

1738 Route Scenic
Sutton, QC J0E 2K0