Nicole Jones

My Story


Nicole Jones started practicing yoga 13 years ago to bring peace and balance into her life. Yoga gave her not only a welcoming and safe feeling, but provided her with a sense of belonging. Nicole fought her inner demons for years. She ran and tried to escape who she was. Yoga has taught her to love, appreciate and value herself in ways she never thought were possible. Through yoga she found the strength to battle an eating disorder and create a healthy relationship with food, her body and learned to love who she is. She never would have thought this would ever be possible. Her journey with yoga saved her and she is forever grateful for what it has done for her.  Nicole would not be where she is today had she not stepped into her first class 13 years ago.


            She now lives her passion and does her very best to be authentic in her teaching and allow people the space to lean into their edges - to shift - to dive deeper - to expand - to awaken - to wake up their true self and discover their full potential


            She believes that as humans we tend to lean into comfort and what feels good, shying away from the ugly and uncomfortable sensations. When we lean into our edges, these areas of discomfort, we give ourselves the opportunity to discover our strengths, abilities and limits. These edges, shadows and hidden areas are where the magic is, where we find the little gifts that allow us to expand, grow, unravel and ultimately shift and change. If we limit ourselves to what is comfortable we risk getting stuck and missing out on our true magnitude and all the yumminess that discomfort brings us. Yoga teaches us how to accept all of it, teaching us to live without attachment to what feels “good” or “bad", an important concept that can be transferred to our everyday lives.



Nicole’s teaching style can be described as:


Fun - upbeat - creative - inspiring - motivating - challenging - heart opening - expanding


Whether Nicole is teaching a one on one session, a small group or a large class, she carries a consistent intention. She believes yoga is the gateway to self-discovery. Her classes are energetic, inspiring, motivating, challenging and push you to discover your own personal limits in a safe and structured manner. Her sequences are carefully and intuitively planned out, designed to open you up into various postures. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a beginner, you’ll feel safe, supported and challenged in her classes.

                        She currently teaches Moksha, Moksha flow, yang yin and power classes at the MYWI studio. She recently helped pilot a core fit class which is designed to strengthen all aspects of the core, giving students the opportunity to build the necessary foundation to grow their practice.

            Nicole is also a full time physical education teacher at Dawson College. Nicole has helped to create two yoga courses at Dawson College; Yoga Retreat and Yoga Lifestyle. Her experience and success with these courses motivated her to create Yoga Retreats that are accessible to the entire community. Her dream was always to give others the chance to step away from their everyday lives and re-set by relaxing, rejuvenating, practicing yoga and meditating in a peaceful environment.  She is thrilled that she is able to now offer these opportunities to others.

Read more about Nicole’s Journey here


Experience &



13 years daily yoga practice
12 years of teaching experience (physical education teacher at the high school and college level, trained athletes, indoor cycling teacher, yoga teacher)

2012-Present Modo yoga West Island 
2017-Present Teaches special events at Modo yoga NDG & Moksha yoga Griffintown 

April 2019 Speaker at Les Lilas, Montreal, QC

April 2019 Speaker at Born to Rise, Montreal, QC

2016 Presented at Wanderlust yoga festival, Mont Tremblant

2014-2016 Lululemon ambassador, Fairview Pointe-Claire
2016-Present Legacy ambassador

June 2019 Personal story featured at lululemon for international yoga day & here to be (full story can be found here)

2016-Present Mindfulness Yoga teacher, Connecte psychology, Westmount

2016-Present Hosted 3 private “design your own” yoga retreats

2015-Present Hosted 11 retreats in Sutton, QC

2009- 2011 Lakeside Academy , High school, Lester B Pearson School board, Lachine

2008-2009 Beaconsfield High school, Lester B Pearson School Board, Beaconsfield

2008-2009 GoodLife Fitness Club, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

  • Certified RPM indoor Cycling instructor

  • Certified Freestyle indoor Cycling instructor

  • Certified Spin Power

2009-2015 Mansfield Athletic Club, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

2008-2011 Hudson St Lazare Hawks Soccer Team

  • Fitness specialist for the AAA U-17 girls soccer
    team -designed a running, core conditioning, yoga and spinning program to meet the athletes needs


Physical Education and health degree from McGill University, 2007

Yoga Fit level 1 training in Montreal, 2011

Moksha Training in Victoria, British Columbia, 2012

Moksha Flow Training in Kelowna, 2013. 

Power yoga level 1 with Baron Baptiste; New York, 2015.

Ashtanga 100 hours in Rishikesh, India, 2017.

Completed two Vipassana meditation courses, Montebello, Quebec, 2016 & 2017


Attended retreats/workshops

lululemon Ambassador Summit, Whistler, BC, 2015

lululemon Quebec Ambassador Summit, Eastern Townships, 2015

Bram levinson, Yoga Nidra & examined life retreat, 2014

Svivananda Retreat, Bahamas, 2016

Retreat with Meghan Currie, Italy, 2018

Retreat with Meghan CURRIE, Bali, Indonesia, December 2018

Women’s immersion retreat, Ubud, Bali with Devi Ma, January 2019

Summer Lovin’ retreat with Nina Vukas, Brac island Croatia, June 2019

Chelsey Korus “Now it’s like this” workshop & special “Pipe Dream” class, September 2019